What will the Health Educator do?

bigstock-Close-Up-Portrait-Of-Smiling-B-27379958The Health Educator will conduct four telephone-based, individually tailored asthma counseling sessions with you over the next eight to twelve weeks. The objective of the phone sessions is to introduce you to the problem solving process step by step. The process is designed to improve the success of your personal asthma management.

During the program, you will be guided by your Health Educator through a period of self observation using peak flow meters, diaries, and other instructive materials. In addition, you will establish steps to reach your goal and proactively identify potential barriers and strategies to navigate these barriers should they arise. In this way, you will be able to stay on track with your asthma management goals and achieve your desired level of asthma management.

Throughout the program, your Health Educator will encourage you to discuss your questions and observations with your physicians. The method you will learn is designed to enhance the patient-physician partnership in asthma management. In summary, you will work toward successful long-term asthma control, with the hopes of ensuring an optimal quality of both health and life.