Session 1

Today, we will complete the first of what will be four total telephone counseling sessions together. As we work through the sessions, you will be learning the steps of the problem solving process, also know as PRIDE.

The process includes the five following steps:

  1. Problem identification: Identify a problem in your current asthma management.
  2. Research: Observation of your routine, environment, and pattern of symptoms.
  3. Identification: Select an asthma management goal.
  4. Develop: Create a plan or strategy to achieve the goal.
  5. Establish a reward for when you achieve the goal.

What we’ll do

Today, we will cover steps one and two of the problem solving process.

Once we conclude today’s session, you will have identified one area of your asthma management that may be of concern to you. You will also understand how to appropriately use the dairy as a daily tracking tool.

Let’s get started!