Session 2

Today, we will complete the second of what will be four total telephone counseling session together.

As you know, each call is designed to introduce and familiarize you with the problem solving process, also known as PRIDE. These five steps form the basis of the Women Breathe Free program.

In our last session, we identified an initial area of concern with your asthma management, and we also reviewed how to use the diaries as a daily tracking tool.

What we’ll do

Today, we will cover steps three, four, and five of the problem solving process.

Once we have concluded today’s session, you will have identified a short term goal you would like to work on over the next two to three weeks, developed a plan outlining steps to achieve that goal, and established a reward for once the goal has been reached.

Our steps

  1. Review diaries
  2. Review progress
  3. Set a short term goal
  4. Develop a plan to meet this goal
  5. Establish a reward for completing the goal
  6. Create an asthma related contract

Let’s get started!