Session 3

Today, we will complete the third of our four total telephone counseling sessions together.

As you know, each call is designed to introduce and familiarize you with the problem solving process, also know as PRIDE.

In our last session, you identified a short term asthma management goal to work on, and developed a plan that outlined steps to achieve that goal.

What we’ll do

Today, we will cover steps three, four, and five again.

Once we conclude today, we will have reviewed progress made since your last session toward the short term goal you established, revised or refined the plan, and identified another short term goal to work on over the next two to three weeks.

Our steps

  1. Review your diaries
  2. Review your progress on your short term goal
  3. Set a new short term goal
  4. Develop or revise your plan to meet the new goal
  5. Evaluate this new goal
  6. Establish a reward for meeting the new goal

Let’s get started!