Asthma-related contracts

“Could an asthma-related contract be useful for me?”

Many women have found it helpful to develop a “contract” related to the behavior they’re trying to change. Contracts are part of our daily lives, and we often forget about them and their usefulness.

For example, when you have your car or appliances serviced, you and the service person sign a contract.

When you take your clothes to the dry cleaners or go to the hair salon, there is a verbal agreement between you and the service-provider. This is an example of a verbal contract.

Story time

One of the primary reasons that contracts are helpful is because they help us to remain committed to achieving our goals. Research has shown that a written contract is an effective way to help change certain behaviors or patterns in people’s lives. Even if the idea of having a contract doesn’t appeal to you, please consider trying this part of the process at least once.

Weekly contracts can be written between you and:

  • Your Health Educator
  • A family member or friend
  • Yourself

Remember: Contracts are good for the SHORT-TERM goals you’ve identified.

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