Problem identification

“What problem do I want to work on to better manage my asthma?”

bigstock-Portrait-of-mature-woman-sitti-13905014Examples of Asthma Problems or Concerns

  • I have a problem with my diagnosis of asthma: Do I really have asthma?
  • I feel chest tightness and/or wheeze whenever I cook, vacuum, or dust.
  • I wheeze when exercising or dancing.
  • My asthma symptoms get worse before or during my menstrual period.
  • I have concerns about taking asthma medication when I don’t have symptoms.
  • I am embarrassed to take asthma medication at my work place when people are around.
  • I have concerns about side effects of asthma medication.
  • I have trouble taking asthma medication when I am traveling.
  • I cannot give up my pets although I know I am allergic to them.
  • Smoke may trigger my symptoms, and I live with someone who smokes. I’m afraid to tell them because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

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