Filling out your diary

The importance of filling out your asthma diary

Woman using laptopAn asthma diary is a very useful tool for tracking your asthma. Using this graphic format, you can record information related to your asthma daily. When you log your peak flow readings, hormonal cycles, symptoms, medication use, triggers, and activities you will get a clearer picture of how these factors may be related and affecting your asthma. In the event you do not have a peak flow meter, it is fine; you can focus instead on tracking symptoms. Over time, your diary could  reveal symptom patterns that may not have been apparent to you before.

The asthma diary can also be useful  in helping communicate important information to your health care providers. The information collected in your diary will help your physician treat your asthma more effectively, creating a  regimen tailored to your individual asthma needs.

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